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Limited Liability Corporation
C Corporation
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Limited Liability Corporation

Limited Liability Company

The limited liability company (LLC) is the most popular entity type for small businesses. An LLC combines the personal liability protections of a corporation with the tax flexibility of a partnership. The LLC offers many advantages, including:

  • Pass-through taxation
  • No residency requirement
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Legal protection
  • Less paperwork than a corporation

The Company Corporation makes forming an LLC quick and easy – so you can jump right into business!

C Corporation

C Corporation

The C corporation is the most common type of corporation in the U.S. and has a number of advantages:

  • Owners’ personal assets are separate from the company’s liabilities
  • Unlimited growth potential through the sale of common stock
  • Certain tax advantages, including reduced likelihood of an IRS audit, when compared to a sole proprietorship

Whether you hope to incorporate your internet or tech startup or change your sole proprietorship to a corporation or LLC, The Company Corporation can help you form your new C corporation in any state, making the process quick and easy.

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S Corporation

S Corporation

By meeting certain requirements when incorporating a small business or start up, you can elect to claim a S corporation status with the IRS. An S corporation status allows your company to “pass through” its taxable income or losses to the business owners and investors, eliminating “double taxation” on shareholder dividends and corporate income.

S corporation status also offers limited liability, investment opportunities, continuous existence and a once-a-year tax-filing requirement.

When should you incorporate your startup? If you’ve given the matter some thought and have decided that now is the right time to take your business to the next stage, The Company Corporation can help you form your corporation and provide you with the paperwork necessary to achieve S corporation status.

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Incorporate in Delaware

Delaware’s flexible corporate laws and business-friendly state government have made it one of the best states in which to form a business.

Delaware also offers favorable tax treatment for companies headquartered in other states. In fact, more than two-thirds of the largest U.S. companies are incorporated here.

Benefits of incorporating in Delaware:

  • Delaware is the leader for corporate law worldwide
  • The state does not charge income or property tax
  • State filing fees are among the lowest in the country
  • Outside investors may require Delaware incorporation

The Company Corporation was founded in Delaware and has a direct link to the state, which results in faster turnaround times. In many cases you’ll get your paperwork within 24 hours.

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Secure your assets and gain tax breaks.

Corporation owners enjoy limited liability protection, and are typically not personally responsible for business debts. So creditors can’t pursue your home or car to pay business debts. Another plus: corporations often gain tax advantages, writing off such things as health insurance premiums, savings on self-employment taxes, and life insurance.

Lower Tax Brackets, for example: if you earn $40,000 you will be in the 25% tax Bracket at a personal level plus self-employment tax. As a corporation with $40,000 profit you will be in the 15% tax bracket and you do not pay self-employment tax. In addition, a corporation can make many other deductions that you cannot make, which means lower taxable income.

Easy Transfer and Faster Funds

Business loans are now available to you. Funding your business is essential; therefore, having a legal entity gives more trusts to the banks and makes it easier to get funding.

Ready for Retirement

Many other benefits come when you have a legal entity. One of them is being able to set up your retirement plans and investment vehicles in the corporation. There are many programs that specialize for business owners and executives in companies that are not available for individuals.


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